Shayla M.

Atlanta, Georgia

"The most free that I ever felt as birthing Isis in the room." 

This beautiful mother was a mom of two when we met.  She desired a peaceful birth unlike her first two.  She is a military mom whom experienced birth trauma with both previous pregnancies and births.  She chose to research her rights to give birth in her home.  She had a beautiful unassisted home birth and delayed cord clamping and placenta detachment until the next day.  Her beautiful daughter latched immediately and is still breastfeeding today! 


Atlanta, Georgia

"My oldest daughter is 8 and I am breastfeeding now.  I could never hand express until you showed me. I don't know what I would have done without your help. Thank you!"

This mother of two exercised her Goddess power by asking a question she felt was embarrassing.  I believe the only embarrassing question is the one not asked.  With her 8 year old there for comfort, this beautiful mother learned how to hand express which assisted in her daughter weaning process and made breastfeeding easier.  She is now able to multi task and store her milk! 

Brittney S.

Buford, Georgia

"I could not have done it with you! This pregnancy I'm not scared, I'm ready. Thank you!"

This darling diva is expecting the second prince! This gorgeous sweetheart had an amazing birth and has gotten more detailed with this one! She dug deep and tapped into the memories and love of her deceased parents during her birth.  She has been blessed with another and I am excited to be present and save space! 

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