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The goal of a birth worker is to improve the overall experience of the birthing person and their partner regardless of prior knowledge or previous birth experience.


We support:

  • Unassisted Home Births,

  • Birthing Centers,  

  • Hospitals

  • Virtually

Scientific research has shown that having a Birth Worker/Doula present during childbirth can reduce:

  • Cesarean rate by 50% 

  • Length of labor by 25%

  • Use of Pitocin by 40%

  • Use of Pain Medication by 30%

  • Need for Forceps by 40%

  • Requests for Epidurals by 60%

Tomecas Gibson-Thomas came to drop gems of Doula Knowledge and Experience! Thank you!

Thank you Nikia Lawson for facilitating this training and many more!!

Dona doula training atlanta ga 2017

Supreme Mother Earth is a proud supporter of you and your loved one becoming a doula. With the growing maternal mortality rate and decreasing breastfeeding rate, maternity wards have now begun to implement a traditional role during childbirth.  The professional Doula brings in her education, experience, and most of all her patience, in supporting mom to exercise her voice at her most vulnerable time.  If you or a loved one is interested in becoming a Doula, please contact us to set up a training in your local area.

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